Leading yourself and your school through change is one of the most challenging leadership tasks. It takes time (typically anywhere from 3-7 years and requires an adaptable, flexible skill set. When you lead this level change you are guaranteed to meet challenges, resistance and setbacks. But that doesn't mean you should quit. Far from it. It means you are leading work that is needed and work that is probably overdue.

Our workshops are based on the content in ‘The Human Side of Changing Education’. They are practical, hands-on and tailored to meet your school, team’s, or conference attendees’ needs.

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We partner with schools, districts, conferences and consortia to design and facilitate workshops that help leaders lead meaningful and sustainable change.

When we ask schools to change, we are asking human beings to change and this requires special tools and a human-centered approach. Change the heart of the system by enabling the hearts and minds of your people. Learn how to make sense of challenging change journeys and accelerate implementation:

  • Discover core tasks needed when leading yourself and others through change.

  • Understand why resistance is to be expected and how to get through it.

  • Learn how to use the "messy middle" of change, where real transformation happens.


Are you leading change? Perhaps you are leading your school or district through significant curricular and pedagogical change, or launching a new organization to impact the system from the outside, or perhaps you are the leader of a philanthropic organization wanting to have greater impact. Your success in realizing the change you want to see is directly proportional to your ability to lead yourself in a way that you have not to date.

Leading change takes us to the edge of what we know and are able to do. There is incredible growth, development and new understanding waiting for you on the other side of the change you seek. Don’t walk this path alone. As your coach, we will help you get clear on the change you seek, the strategy that will help you get there and the skills and mindset that will accelerate your impact. You will discover a new depth to your work and learn how to leverage your unique talents and strengths - all in service of the change you seek.

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Are you a philanthropic organization whose mission is to help shift the education system away from the traditional industrial model? Are you a government agency seeking to understand the current landscape of what’s working and how you might support continued growth of good work? What are your juicy questions related to this change work?

We love to partner with you to help shorten your learning curve and connect you with people and projects of link mind and mission.

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