Need Assistance With Major Change?

Does your school community want to implement ambitious change in the next couple of years? Perhaps you are implementing Project Based Learning, an interdisciplinary curriculum, competency based learning or team teaching, to name just a few of the curricular and pedagogical shifts underway. Perhaps your community is building a new school from scratch, like this one  in Greenville, SC.

If you are implementing changes that will significantly impact the curriculum and pedagogy in your school, or if you are building a new school model, you need teachers to not only be part of the process, but to design and lead it. 


Under the broad headings of "Teacher Teams Transforming Schools" and "Teacher Teams Building Schools", we partner with you and your community to envision, and lead change. We help you establish a clear vision of what success will look like, why it matters and set your team up for success as it goes through the inevitable opportunities and challenges of team formation and development.


In addition, we offer 1:1 Leadership Coaching for leaders leading change.  Starting out with a clear vision for what success will look like and your Superpowers (aka Strengths), we work together to identify 3 meaningful goals and translate these into a 90 day roadmap for success.


Bring the IFL to your conference to facilitate a practical, hands-on pre- or post- conference workshop where your participants will work on a challenge of opportunity related to their work 'back at the ranch'.  We will ensure your participants leave having had an engaging, informative experience, equipped with tools and resources to take the work forward (click here for a sample) .


Do you have a 'Need to Know'? i.e. "we need to know the top 10 sites to visit for mastery level Project-based Learning", "we need to know how to assess higher order thinking skills", or "we need to know how schools are crafting their 'Chief Innovation Officer' role". We love to partner with you to identify, research and connect great practice.  

All of this work is in service of the IFL North Star, which is to help transform the "one size fits all" factory model of education.