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GOA Learning Design Summit, Washington DC

The Learning Design Summit brings forward-thinking teachers and school leaders from around the world together in a beautiful setting to dive more deeply into what learning can and should look like in a modern world. You will be exposed to new ideas in education and have the time to apply them to your work as an educator — in your courses, classrooms, and schools. 

More details here: https://globalonlineacademy.org/2019-learning-design-summit-program

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Teaching and Leading for Deeper Learning, Bryn Mawr PA
to Jun 14

Teaching and Leading for Deeper Learning, Bryn Mawr PA

Grant Lichtman and Julie Wilson, two of the most sought-after thought leaders in independent school transformation, facilitate this outstanding professional development experience.  This workshop is presented by the Center for Transformational Leadership in partnership with The Baldwin School. Designed for individuals and teams, this unique opportunity will build your teaching skills to promote deeper learning for your students. Over the course of two interactive days, you will explore leading new designs in curriculum and instruction, identify ways to ‘break the box’ of the traditional education system, and build relationships with like-minded educators.

Get ready for the first day of school! This is a practical, hands-on program which will result in a tailored plan for your 2019-2020 classroom.  

What you will learn:

• How to design and facilitate deeper learning experiences for your students;

• How to build relationships and collaborate with other educators, inside and outside your school;

• How to overcome obstacles and lead change with in your own environment;

• How to draft a plan to re-imagine time and space to promote deeper learning within your classroom.

When: 8:30AM-3:30PMEST, June13-14, 2019

Where: The Baldwin School, 701 Montgomery Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


Our pricing strategies are built on a belief that teacher-leaders working alone are less impactful than a team working together. Therefore, we have incentivized teams to come together to leverage their learning and transform their schools.


More details here: https://www.ctleadership.org/summer-2019/leading-change-a-deeper-dive-lwph8-2g3c3

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9:00 AM09:00

MAPLE Innovative School Leaders Summit, Worcester MA

The MISL Spring Summit is an opportunity for MISL Teams to present and share the culmination of their personalizing learning pilots with each other, Central Office colleagues, and MAPLE partners. MISL Teams will continue to explore student-centered learning through an equity lens and reflect on their learning along their way to personalize learning in their schools and classrooms. This is a day for MISL school leaders to reflect on their learning, celebrate their progress, and envision what’s next. 

More details here: http://learnlaunch.org/maple/misl/

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2:00 PM14:00

The Human Side of Changing Education, Queen's University Belfast

Venue: Old Staff Common Room, Lanyon Building
Time: 2 – 3.30pm

You are invited to a conversational seminar with Julie Wilson, founder and executive director of the Institute for the Future of Learning (IFL), a non-profit organisation established in Boston, Massachusetts to help transform the “one size does not fit all” model of education.

Click here for full details about this event.

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8:30 AM08:30

MAPLE Master Class: 'Leading Yourself (When Leading Others) Through Change'

As district and school leaders, we focus our work on making meaningful change. So, this “Master Class” is most appropriate for Central Office Administrators and Building Principals. On Nov 26 we can accommodate up to 40 leaders. The agenda includes: 1) Interactive learning activities about “The Human Side of Changing Education”  with author Julie Wilson; 2) Introduction to our new MAPLE online Forum; 3) Two rounds of Learning Circles that are based on the topics you highlight in your Personalized Learning Initiatives.

Location: Natick HS


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