Are you leading change? Perhaps you are leading your school or district through significant curricular and pedagogical change, or launching a new organization to impact the system from the outside, or perhaps you are the leader of a philanthropic organization wanting to have greater impact. Your success in realizing the change you want to see is directly proportional to your ability to lead yourself in a way that you have not to date.

Leading change takes us to the edge of what we know and are able to do. There is incredible growth, development and new understanding waiting for you on the other side of the change you seek. Don’t walk this path alone. As your coach, we will help you get clear on the change you seek, the strategy that will help you get there and the skills and mindset that will accelerate your impact. You will discover a new depth to your work and learn how to leverage your unique talents and strengths - all in service of the change you seek.

"On a personal level, Julie has helped me a great deal to understand who I am, what my values are, and how I can leverage my thoughts and actions into school change. When I think about my work with Julie, I think about those conversations. She is a thoughtful and gentle coach." – Mike Landroche, Academic Dean and English Teacher, Tilton School



Tilton School

In support of the curricular and pedagogical redesign:

  • Designed and facilitated a series of professional development sessions at the Tilton summer institutes 
  • Presented assessment report and facilitated initial discussions on assessing the learning the school values
  • Facilitated Mastery Transcript Consortium team role clarification
  • 1:1 coaching with the Academic Dean and his team (Learning Leaders)
  • Presented at a number of all-Faculty meetings
  • Co-designed ‘individual growth plan’ process
  • Led professional development sessions on leading change with strengths


We first met Julie through Grant Lichtman. Grant was leading a design thinking process at Tilton to reimagine our curriculum and pedagogy and he recommended we partner with Julie. School change for the last 50 years has been trying to solve the wrong problem with “flavor of the month” school change, the change underway at Tilton is not that. We are moving into something fundamentally different and are working with kids in such a way that helps them become who they want to be as opposed to the school saying this is who you should be. I didn’t see how fundamental this would be three years ago. 

Our work started with Julie helping us to design and facilitate our first Summer Institute. When we saw the power of her work, we asked her to come back and work directly with each of our eight design teams. Each of these teams comprised faculty members, students, administrators, parents and trustees. It was a pretty wild year! Julie was there as our coach throughout. She encouraged the design teams and helped them believe they had a license to design and lead change. 

When the design teams consolidated, she worked with our grade level programming teams, curricular leaders, and the Mastery Transcript team. Julie brings a vast expertise in teaching and learning and was instrumental in helping each Tilton staff member see their unique role as a leader of change. She helped us imagine ourselves as personal leaders - not from a charismatic view, but from a place that is deeply personal and values-based. 

Through our work with Julie, pockets of deep engagement are taking root and expanding.

Julie's work has become a part Tilton's culture. Of course, change remains a school's most important challenge, but our learning leaders -- both adults and students -- eagerly confront change opportunities as growth opportunities.

For example, students are now traveling abroad to take on a real service project - now we have students in the Dominican Republic living with families in poverty and helping to build a community baseball field. More and more students are engaging in meaningful work and learning (for example, one student is spending half the year in Washington D.C., working as a Senate page), these kind of things were not happening before. We keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and Julie helps us push. 

As a school community, we are out there on the edge of real deep meaningful change. Julie introduced us to the Hero’s Journey and helped us understand the individual and collective narrative arc of change. The Hero’s Journey became a theme for us - for adults in the first year and for students in the second year. Tapping into our own stories as agents of change has been a powerful part of our work together.

On a personal level, Julie has helped me a great deal to understand who I am, what my values are, and how I can leverage my thoughts and actions into school change. When I think about my work with Julie, I think about those conversations. She is a thoughtful and gentle coach.

As a professional, Julie is both agitator and partner. If you are thinking of hiring Julie I would say you’re probably not ready for the kinds of changes Julie will have you consider. She will invite you to have the honest kind of talk that faculties across the country are not having. We all need it, you might not be ready for it :)

Julie has been our partner during this process of change and we will continue working with her; we onboard new Faculty every year and want to keep her around. Change is hard, we know that, but she also encourages us to see that it is fun work, to imagine what you might be and then to sometimes inch, sometimes motor your way towards that North Star.