School visit schedule is coming together

Following up on last week's post, I would like to thank Steven Brzozowski for reaching out and inviting me to visit River Valley Charter School in Newburyport - thanks Steven! - I look forward to visiting and learning more about River Valley's curriculum and pedagogy. Thanks also to Grant Lichtman for spending time with me via Skype sharing his experience of visiting 60 schools across the country - and his lessons learned regarding process.  If you haven't watched Grant's TEDx talk What 60 Schools Can Tell Us About Teaching 21st Century Skills, I encourage you to do so.  Also, be sure to check out Grant's blog the Learning Pond - I am always inspired by the passion and thoughtfulness which come through in his writing.

While the schedule takes shape, I have been working on a draft set of questions to help provide a framework/lens for my learning.  Here are the questions - let me know if you have any feedback or suggested amendments in the comments section below.

More later :)